Product Development - Consultant

Product Developement of Hardware, Software & Customer Service 

WertWerk comes up with products, starting with the planning phase and ends with the successful launching on the market.
You do have an idea or a product and your are not successful with it yet?
WertWerk produces together with you your new prosperity.
Our team covers experienced managers, members of board and heads of development. So you can benefit from a broad as well as long- term experience.
Our creativity and innovation are based on extensive experience and further more on our well trained instinct for successful solutions.
Our special strength lies on the direct development of Hardware as well as Software solutions within the context of our integrated product development at our WertWerk.


Performance Focus:

  • Product Development & Optimisation (in particular in the field of Hardware and Software)
  • Hardware Development (Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering& Mechatronics)

Distribution and Sales Advice

Distribution and Sales as a Lift to Your Success

WertWerk accelerates your convincing ideas and products on their way to their deserved success. We, as manager and board, are proud to say that we have gained a lot of success along with small and medium- sized businesses as well as with big companies.
Along with our network partners we take on co-responsibility, out of an act of conviction, for your direct revenue success. 


Main Performance Focus:

  • Distribution Strategies
  • Distribution Channels
  • Direct & Online Selling