Radio Communication System Redefined!

devibox f_präsentationRadio transmission, digital and encoded, within the free gigahertz frequenz band and with the new Zigbee technologie, offers striking possibilities. The communication via the radio system, introduced by the House of WertWerk, is smarter than most systems on the market. Along with the digital radio system of WertWerk you are able to cluster, automatise the information process flow and to dispatch. At the same time you are able to interact with humans and machines.


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Your-Secure Internet of Internet of Things (IOT)- Exchange 

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Our RS-PLC or Remote Secure - Programmable Controller is designed for everyone who needs a reliable and extremely flexible system to automatise electromechanical proceedings and to be able to operate sovereign of the location. (Examples: control and surveillance of the heating system, alarm system or complete industrial facilities.) WertWerk offers, along with "RS-PLC", the possibility to control, adjust or monitor ones houses, offices or industrial product processes, no matter where you are. 

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Remote, Secure, Flexible  

Schalter deviboxOur wire line operates reliable because our remote switch does control when and if the switching commands have been successfully converted. The motto of devibox is as follows: "Let each and every switch command be controlled."
Conventional remote switches send out a command without knowing if it has been converted. We send, receive, radio and connect on the highest security level.
Our systems "speaks" many languages! No matter if Zigbee, Bluetooth, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, WLAN, etc, all of them have their technical entitlement, but sadly, they are not always implemented in an ideal way.
Utilize innovation within an approved system.