Radio Communication System Redefined!

devibox f_präsentationRadio transmission, digital and encoded, within the free gigahertz frequenz band and with the new Zigbee technologie, offers striking possibilities. The communication via the radio system, introduced by the House of WertWerk, is smarter than most systems on the market. Along with the digital radio system of WertWerk you are able to cluster, automatise the information process flow and to dispatch. At the same time you are able to interact with humans and machines.


 Reliability on Network Security

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Each sender knows if his or her message has arrived or if the recipient did not get it. The operational safety and the fact that each and every recipient is a sender as well, leads to an easy effortless winning of a huge or shielded contact territory.

Each and every sender is well informed about the "status" of the recipient. For an effective control system, which has a convincing security level, this means an experience a quantum leap. 


Types of Operation

  • Point of Multipoint - Conference Mode ( one speaker, many listeners)
  • Point of Multipoint - Communications ( each person may speak and listen)
  • Point of Point ( a particular person speaks to a specific group or person or to all members)

Areas of Application 

  • Surveillance- and safeguard equipment
  • Conference- systems and translation equipment
  • Tourism/ Guided Tours
  • Film productions
  • Construction sites
  • Medicine, Elderly Care 

Application Examples

Tourguide - Systeme | person- guidance Plant

The radio equipment for tourist guides by WertWerk support them at their work in a logical and intelligent way.
Here you will find an example for one of the many functions offered by our system (to watch, click on the picture)

Tourismus Play