Your-Secure Internet of Internet of Things (IOT)- Exchange 

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Our RS-PLC or Remote Secure - Programmable Controller is designed for everyone who needs a reliable and extremely flexible system to automatise electromechanical proceedings and to be able to operate sovereign of the location. (Examples: control and surveillance of the heating system, alarm system or complete industrial facilities.) WertWerk offers, along with "RS-PLC", the possibility to control, adjust or monitor ones houses, offices or industrial product processes, no matter where you are. 

Do you already have the ideal process for your business or controlling cycle at your company or at home? Not yet? RS-PLC assumes it for you.
RS-PLC by WertWerk persuades by:

  • Reliability
  • Openness
  • Simplicity
  • Cable- and radio network on the highest level
  • Convincing price/performance ratio
  • Independence – scalable expansion and development

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Enjoy your independence by RS-PLC. Due to this independence it is possible to use, to combine, and to connect devices and systems which are already on the market. The time of being "bound" to only one system now comes to an end, just because of RS-PLC.
Even our control software uses web based standard technologies. This is how we can give you the feeling of security and independence.
We will be happy to advise you along with the endless creation process of your simple or ambitious solutions you are longing for.
May it be one button or even a complete tablet, WertWerk is your implementation partner.

Please send your e-mail requests to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.