Audiocont - The New World of Audioinformation

01 audiocont_icon_ohr_RGBOur brand new revolutionising development work endows all our clients precious time and it also offers you the kind of information advantages you are wishing for. We also reassessed the media audio as well as its processing.
Along with Audicont, WertWerk offers a compelling system which supplies audio information and entertainment in an unprecedented way, when it comes to a very efficient and modern manner.
Within a few months, we will inform you about this revolutionising and persuasive system, named Audicont. This system enables you to gain professional advance and to enjoy entertainment within a new dimension.

audiocont opens the gates on the 30.07.2016



Control Software for Home Automation (PLC)

Control Software for Home Automation (PLC) 

Young-Businessman-Working nameImage: CreativaThe control software by WertWerk controls, via our centralized Hardware, all of your devices and systems. We put emphasise on an open and flexible interface architecture, to offer you the maximum independence of equipment manufactures or implementation partners.
Keep everything in your own hand and keep it secure, along with our systems, your privacy.
Based on a standard web application, we are keeping the communications ways open and offer to all implementing partners a further independent development. Our main focus is on a secure and simple communication among the devices. The most suitable location – independent controllers are all current PC's, Smart phones or Tablets. And because it is not always very easy to be in command of all these devices, we also offer local control devices.