When Software and Hardware Developments Meet Marketing Knowhow Real Value Is Created!

vorratsdatenspeicherung ver1b-web_26969_by-spyridon_natsikos_piqs_de_NamS.Natsikos|piqs.deWith all products out of our range at WertWerk you will find experience, pure benefit in all circumstances. WertWerk optimises the interaction in-between humans, software and machines. Would you like to tweak your heating system or your production line or would you like to conduct them from afar? Would you like to open up a closed system for new solutions or maybe combine it with other closed systems? (KNX, Zigbee, Opentherm, PLC and so on)? We offer you flexible and reliable solutions (BPLC)!  


The Art of Secure Simplicity within Flexible Systems

reddot-web 13028_by-michaux_piqs_de_NameMichaux|piqs.deIt all starts with a button and leads up to a full-grown Software Application – Your convenience, your profit and your security are the core of our assignment. With System of devibox and devicontroll we concentrate on the convergence when it comes down to collaboration among diverse units and Software forms. WertWerk offers its clients potential autonomy when it comes to embedding of Hardware and as well along with everything concerning the adjustment of the Software.



Software and Apps

businessman-using-mobile-phone nameImage: CREATIVA

WertWerk is the EU project and regional partner of the training and information technology Audiocont. Audiocont optimise the quality and performance of the information transfer. It is set up for all the people who have little time and want to make the most out of it. Audio and information in their purest form credit everyday life, as well as enrich the time, which you were not able to use to the optimum until now. Educate yourself without any stress. Inform yourself or amuse yourself. Make yourself the present of having time and let our Software, which meets your demands, do the work. WertWerk also offers Apps for notification and to manage your control system..